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We’re Here for You: Business As Usual While Working from Home

Many companies are having their workers login remotely and work from home, and CMS and Nexio are doing the same. (CDC and COVID-19) To reach us, you don’t have to use smoke signals or send a carrier pigeon! You can call, email, slack, zoom, or text. Fun fact: We have a small group of employees (under 10) at the office to manage things like shipments of point of sale devices, incoming mail, monitoring the servers and VPN protocols, and more. Of course, anyone with any symptoms of any illness will be at home. 

Each department has strategic plans to manage all of our accounts — yours included! You can reach out to your department contact and find out the best way to reach them if they haven’t already reached out to you. Most departments will be using all methods of communication to ensure their availability. 

Managing working from home amid school closures, canceled community events, and following CDC guidelines, is sometimes tricky. Some of our employees have shared their workspaces and how they are managing their social distancing.

We even have our larger group meetings via video conferencing so that we are moving forward and developing new integrations and sales strategies, continuing to provide stellar customer service and tackling underwriting and risk management tasks. For us, this is business as usual! We want you to know that we take COVID-19 seriously and are concerned about the impact across the world, but we are also doing our part to keep supporting you, our merchants. 

If you have a remote team and are also social distancing, you can apply these tips to your team. And of course, follow all guidelines from the CDC for you and your employees. Productivity can still thrive through the use of video chat, conference calls, virtual private networks, and more. To avoid the stigma and discrimination in the workplace, activate policies as a preventative, rather than reactive, measure. We will all get through this working together.

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