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Payments Strategy for Businesses

Last Updated on March 21, 2024

Merchants need payment solutions for the ever-changing regulations in the payment processing industry. Typical payment processing lacks the added tools that savvy merchants need to manage their growth. After seeing clients struggle with these problems, Nexio was created to bring the industry’s best resources together into one platform.


Fraud, Hacking, Phishing, Skimming, Scamming. Blackhats, Spyware, Malware. Cyber Attack, Data Breaches. Scary words for merchants who accept credit cards and have an e-commerce presence. You can not eliminate all credit card fraud, but you can take steps to manage fraud. The trick is to take preventative measures to stop fraud before it happens. You can not depend solely on the credit card company to prevent fraud.

Nexio takes an intelligent approach to fight against e-commerce fraud. Our solutions leverage advanced machine learning and are adaptive to change as the industry grows and changes. With Nexio, you can rest soundly at night because we use Kount, 3DS, and are PCI compliant and help you tackle, manage, and mitigate fraud.

Next-generation AI protects against new and existing fraud attacks before they become chargebacks. Transaction data is run instantaneously through hundreds of models developed to access the relative risk or safety of the transaction.

Nexio integrates with Kount to help with fraud management. Kount is a patented technology that prevents digital payment transaction fraud, new account creation fraud, and account takeovers. Our integration provides a web-based way to provide documentation and dispute chargebacks through our platform.

Tokenization swaps out sensitive data—typically payment card or bank account numbers—with a randomized number in the same format but with no intrinsic value of its own. Nexio’s tokenization allows a merchant to save the token from a client for future use. If the client subscribes to a monthly shipment, the merchant holds the token to run the monthly transaction, rather than the card data. If a client pays a deposit, the merchant can charge the balance when due, using the token. With Nexio, the tokens are externally stored in a cloud security platform, providing maximum security.

International Customers:

You don’t have to be a large corporation to expand internationally. Over half of small businesses in the United States have international customers. Business leaders need to make smart decisions on when and where to expand their business. Expanding overseas should support growth, rather than hinder growth.

Accepting payments in worldwide currencies from worldwide customers can be tricky without the right guide. Nexio offers different strategies customized to each company based on their needs. Your potential new customers want to see the products displayed on your website in their local currency and in turn providing multiple payment options increases customer conversion. It’s more than just accepting Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. You need a payment hub to navigate the different laws and regulations. You need a payment hub to convert currency, regardless of the exchange rates. And of course, you want to have access to all the customer data to see trends and buying preferences in one reporting system.

There are three approaches to accepting credit card payments in other countries. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your business size, you are likely to employ more than one of these three strategies to accept worldwide payments.

  1. Use a US-based merchant account and sell in USD
  2. Multi-Currency Processing Account
  3. Like-for like Processing Account

To determine the best account, you need to think about the following questions:

  • Do you need a locally operating business entity in that country?
  • How do you handle currency conversion?
  • How do you get a merchant processing account in another country?
  • How do fees and rates compare internationally?

Nexio has partnered with multiple gateways, processors, and more to help you create scalable growth to help manage the chaos of international payments. Because we have one API, we have already made the connections. We’ve connected with back-office software, unique gateways, integrated fraud prevention tools, set up alternative payment methods, provide neutral tokens, and we’ve figured out the quirks and bugs. Nexio has done the groundwork and continues to work so that when you integrate, you are integrating with all the connections within the Nexio payment hub.

Benefits of Nexio: 

  1. Access to new processors. Via the Nexio hub, you will get access to new payment providers in countries where your current partners may not. We also maintain these integrations and keep them updated and current with all new version releases, etc.
  2. Single Dashboard view. Nexio’s dashboard provides a single portal for your Management Team to view all payment data globally across all your merchant accounts & providers. User-level permissions allow employees in different regions to have limited access and views of your processing data. (set by Management)
  3. Reconciliation of data/reporting. Nexio’s back-end pulls transaction data from the processors, which are then linked to sales data and provide a single report that can make for easier month-end reconciliations & saving time.
  4. Failover/Redundancy. Nexio allows you to utilize multiple processors in each country, providing redundancy in case of outages, shutdowns, or gateway failure. This saves thousands of dollars in lost sales, customer service, etc.
  5. Dispute Management. Nexio allows you to view and respond to chargebacks, uploading data/files as well as refunds from a single portal. Not available with all processors)
  6. Reduced PCI scope. Using Nexio’s hosted payment pages allows merchants to reduce their PCI scope by not touching sensitive payment card and personal data. This also reduces your potential liability in case of a data breach.

Where do I start?

Find a platform and partner that will give you the flexibility to learn and adapt, who aligns with your primary goals, vision, and culture. Nexio can provide you that flexibility without the typical strings attached. Nexio is in the business of earning business, not trapping it. With leverage and control, you determine with whom you want to work. The payments industry is complex and intimidating, but Nexio can help you manage the chaos.

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