nexio 2019 review

Best of 2019 for Nexio

Nexio has had a wonderful 2019. We are growing and expanding and starting a new decade, we want to share with you a few of our highlights from the past year. Read on!

New Office Location: In August, we moved into our new corporate offices here in Orem, Utah located at the base of Mount Timpanogos. In our new building, we have more space and room to grow to meet our client’s needs.

New Talent and New Promotions: With the continued growth of Nexio, we needed to hire more talent and promote outstanding employees.

  • New Talent:
    • Colt Passey, Senior Vice President of Business Development
    • Megan Wintle, Director of Marketing
  • New Promotions:
    • Adam Fairbanks, Chief Information Officer
    • Cache Decker, Chief Strategy Officer
    • Chris Henneman, Chief Revenue Officer
    • Kevin Batchelor, Chief Technology Office

Serving Others: This year Nexio challenged each department to do some acts of service in the community. Collectively, we helped 10 families with a night out, cleaned 2 miles of trail, spent time with residents at a Veteran’s Home, tested and set up 2 miles of Christmas lights, and donated 25 hygiene kits, 20 basic meal bags,1200 pairs of socks, 50 warm blankets, and 5 pints of blood.

Sponsoring Worthy Causes: While we sponsor many worthy causes, we are especially pleased to announce that we sponsor the Women Technical Council in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

New Nexio Features: With technology, we always have an opportunity to introduce new features and integrations. Nexio added new integrations and new features. We added Account Updater, WooCommerce Plugin, Time Zone Selection Tool, Browser-based Encryption, View Pending Batches, and 3D Secure bank validation. We improved some features on our Kount Integration and Webhook Management. And finally, we integrated with 10 new payment partners.

Thank you for your business and support in 2019. We accomplished many important tasks on our ‘to-do’ list and are excited about the strategic plans we have in place for 2020. Happy New Year to all our merchants, partners, and friends!

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